Comcast HD-capable homes top 1 million

HDTV sets connected to Comcast HD services grew 143 percent in January 2005 versus last year around the same time

HDTV growth has come into sharp focus for cable giant Comcast over the past year.

According to company figures, Comcast has deployed more than 1 million HDTV-capable digital cable set-top boxes in consumer homes. More than 800,000 were added in 2004.

The company experienced a 143 percent increase in the number of customers connecting HDTV sets to Comcast HD services in January 2005 versus January 2004.

HDTV service now is available to more than 93 percent of Comcast customers. The company provides HD service in 62 markets. Comcast HDTV offerings range from an average of eight to 15 channels, which include local affiliates of most major broadcast networks, HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, STARZ!, Discovery HD Theater, ESPN, INHD, INHD2 and regional sports networks.

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