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CNN DC Makes Room for APG Videowalls

ORLANDO, FLA.—CNN’s studios in Washington, D.C. got a different kind of wall-to-wall coverage when it recently went through a redesign and added three different LED videowall displays from APG Displays, a division of Advanced. The news network installed a 25-foot wide 1.2mm pixel pitch Leyard LED display, a 108-inch diagonal 1.2mm pixel pitch Leyard LED display, and a 30-foot wide 1.6mm pixel pitch Leyard LED display.

CNN decided to go with LED displays, rather than its previous LCD displays, due to its style of using different camera angles and close-ups of the displays during broadcasts. In addition, APG’s videowalls feature no bezels, eliminating black lines, and the production team can manipulate color balancing, calibrating and brightness levels.

The 1.6mm videowall was specially designed with the ability to split into and flip over to be used in either Studio A or Studio B. To do so, APG used a Christie Spyder X20 video processor to evenly divide the screen into two separate content streams.

APG Display, who had to work while the 24/7 news broadcaster was filming, completed installing the videowalls prior to last year’s presidential election.