CNN Chile deploys DIVArchive, DIVAdirector to manage, move content through news workflow

Chilean 24/7 news broadcaster CNN Chile is relying on Front Porch Digital’s DIVArchive and DIVAdirector systems to manage, transfer, secure and deliver access to video clips the broadcaster gathers daily.

DIVArchive has enabled CNN Chile to devise a unified system of best-of-breed solutions and optimize the management of its video content. It also provides a cost-effective, functional MAM system to ensure CNN Chile editors always have the content they need when they need it, said Rodrigo Ceron, chief of operations at the news channel.

With DIVArchive, CNN Chile has been able to knit together a unified system to manage and move video through its entire lifecycle, from ingest and production to long-term preservation, said Front Porch Digital VP Pablo Miliani.

CNN Chile broadcasts around the clock with hourly cycles to keep viewers interested and informed as the news evolves. Because of that format, many versions of the same news story are needed each day. Similarly, clips from important news stories must remain available at a moment's notice for future broadcasts.

Implemented by systems integrator VGL in Santiago, the combined Front Porch Digital DIVArchive and DIVAdirector systems enable CNN Chile editors working at their desktops in the familiar Avid environment to browse, identify and retrieve content for reversioning and other changes.

CNN Chile also relies on DIVArchive to transfer each day's new content to the archive at the close of each 24-hour cycle. Simultaneously, the system automatically creates proxy versions of clips so they will be available to editors and producers. DIVArchive enables frame-accurate, partial restore of clips from either disk or LTO tape.