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Clearleap Renews Distribution Agreement With HBO

ATLANTA— Clearleap said it has renewed its agreement with HBO to process and distribute multiple formats of the network’s subscription video on demand programming to its domestic distributors. Clearleap said its solution custom encodes programming and delivers it directly to HBO’s cable, satellite and telco national distribution partners. Clearleap also enables authentication of users of HBO’s own streaming service, HBO GO. HBO has been using Clearleap’s services since 2011.

Clearleap’s flexible solution ingests large, high-definition files from programming providers, manages metadata that travels with the file, watermarks content for viewership tracking, and converts files to Dolby 5.1 audio, for instance. It can also apply rules to enable closed captioning, V-chip ratings and letterboxing. In just a few hours, Clearleap processes and delivers multiple program versions to meet the varied needs of programmers’ affiliates.

Clearleap’s system is also integrated to provide authentication services for HBO GO. HBO GO allows premium subscribers access to Emmy-winning shows, movies, documentaries and bonus features, via HBO’s own branded portal. Clearleap’s solution transparently authorizes and authenticates subscribers, making it seamless for service providers to offer TV Everywhere.

Clearleap’s solutions simplify the logistics of managing, processing, and delivering massive video libraries of high-value content for any screen - enabling a competitive content package without the operational headache. In addition, Clearleap has the most extensive terrestrial IP-distribution network for television content in the U.S.