Clear-Com unveils wireless intercom system

Clear-Com has introduced the HME DX210, which combines wireless intercom performance with wired intercom systems. Operating in the 2.4GHz band, the DX210 enables interference-free communication for demanding productions situations with a two-channel intercom system. The DX210’s wired intercom interface is now compatible with Clear-Com’s or RTS’ two-wire systems and provides two separate two-wire and four-wire interconnections. The 1RU base station supports up to 16 full-duplex and 44 half-duplex belt packs and/or wireless headsets by linking four base stations. The DX210 is paired with the rugged BP210 belt pack and all-in-one WH210 wireless headset communicators, which have two intercom buttons. The system is backward compatible with the DX200 COMMUNICATOR models, including the BP200, WH200 and WS200.

One of the features of the HME DX210 is a digital auto-nulling circuit, which enables users to eliminate the return audio of the wired two-wire intercom automatically. The system offers two-wire circuit protection to prevent feedback from unterminated two-wire channels and supports relay (GPO) actuation with ISO function from either base station or any one of the appropriately configured COMMUNICATORs.

The DX210 uses spectrum-friendly technology to avoid frequency conflicts and digital frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) for interference-free communication.