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Clear-Com Provides New Intercom Systems to Video Call Center

ALAMEDA, CALIF.—TV broadcasters at the Video Call Center are now utilizing new intercom systems from Clear-Com to bring live video calls through webcams directly on-air. Using the Eclipse HX system and Agent-IC mobile app, VCC lets broadcasters screen and engage with real-time video callers without control room support.

VCC uses IP technology, broadcast studio design and proprietary production/automation software to connect with viewers who have video chat capable devices, like smart phones, tablets or webcams. The Eclipse HX matrix intercom system serves as the production team’s communications backbone and integrates audio from inbound video calls into the studio intercom system. It also enables screeners and producers to communicate with each other and callers before they go on live. Callers do not any additional technology to communicate with the production team because the Eclipse HX is linked to the VCC’s mix-minus return audio.

In addition, the Agent-IC mobile app provides a mobile intercom system for both the remote and mobile production staff. Staffers can connect with anyone on the Eclipse HX intercom network via iOS devices with the Agent-IC app as long as there is Internet access.