Clear-Com Announces New Wireless Intercom

Clear-Com Communications, a Vitec Group brand, has announced the release of a new wireless intercom product, the Tempest 2400. The system operates in the license-free 2.4 GHz region of the spectrum and employs both frequency hopping and time domain multiplexing technologies to ensure interference-free communications.

"As it operates in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz band, it is unaffected by regulatory restrictions that inhibit the wireless communications in other frequency bands," said Chris Barry, Clear-Com product manager. "Its simple set-up requirements and portability also make it a tremendous asset for those looking to use it for multiple types of applications."

The Tempest 2400 transmits each audio data packet twice on different frequencies and through different antennas, helping to make sure that communications are not interrupted, as is often the case with present day equipment operating in the increasing more crowded 470 MHz to 698 MHz band. The system operates with other Clear-Com products and features a base station that supports up to five full duplex four-audio-channel wireless beltpacks. Up to 10 base stations can be stacked to allow as many as 50 independent beltpacks to operate in a single environment.