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Cisco IP technology aids NBC coverage of games

Cisco is providing the IP video network infrastructure and video-encoding solutions for NBC during the network’s coverage of the Olympic Games.

Cisco’s IP video infrastructure enables NBC personnel in New York and Los Angeles to edit video as it is captured in Beijing and deliver it to three screens: TV, PC and smartphones, the company said.

The transoceanic Cisco network enables the transfer of gigabyte-sized files among Beijing, New York and Los Angeles. In previous Olympics, NBC staff had to work from videotapes to add graphics and captions to event shots.

Because of the size and length of the coverage, it would be impossible to use a tape library to replicate enough video copies for use at eight different networks as well as Using a file-based workflow for shot selection, the network can choose shots and distribute them to affiliates even before an event is finished.

For the first time, NBC has the ability to perform shot selections on low-resolution files and extract high-resolution material from those files as they are being recorded.

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