Cinematographer Hoffman selects Sachtler heads, tripods

Cinematographer Marco Hoffman chose Sachtler Video 20 heads and Speed Lock tripods for shooting the new season of MTV’s reality series “Taking the Stage.”

Shot with Panasonic HDX900 and VariCam cameras, “Taking the Stage” is a four-camera, one-hour show that requires Hoffman to shoot between 20 and 30 hours a week of dance. Hoffman uses the Sachtler Video 20 during the ballet and hip-hop dance sequences as well as for scene work. By setting the heads to zero resistance, Hoffman achieves a handheld look.

According to Hoffman, the high-quality rubber feet of the Speed Lock tripods form a solid base and even let an operator shooting on a hillside get a firm grip in the dirt or sand. The cinematographer also appreciates how the Sachtler legs come out and lock, he said. This makes it easy to adjust height, and after locking, lets operators remain confident their tripods are secure, he added.

See Sachtler at NAB Show Booth C6025.