ChyronHego Compiling COVID-19 Data for Broadcasters

(Image credit: ChyronHego)

MELVILLE, N.Y. —ChyronHego has been collaborating with Nexstar, Sinclair and Quincy Media to source and aggregate current U.S. statistics on how COVID-19 is spreading at the national, state and local levels. 

This data is being gathered by reporters at call-letter stations across the U.S., organized by ChyronHego and then provided to local broadcasters so they can provide the latest information to viewers.

“We knew that with our technology and the human resources of our broadcast partners, we could help ensure that local news outlets have the tools and information they need to tell this story for their communities,” said Drew Hahn, senior vice president, customer success at ChyronHego.

The key piece of ChyronHego technology being used in this circumstance is the NewsTicker content management platform, which features the data management capabilities of Prime Graphics. Nexstar, Sinclair and Quincy Media have standardized on NewsTicker at the local level.

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“Our team worked day and night to help make this collaboration a success,” said Hahn. “We’re proud the database we’ve created ultimately will help people and communities across the U.S. to stay informed and stay safe in this very difficult time.”

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