ChyronHego Announces Shout Metrics for Social Media Polling

MELVILLE, N.Y. – ChyronHego is letting everybody know about its new extension to the Shout social media application, Shout Metrics. Designed specifically for Twitter, Shout Metrics can provide broadcasters with data analysis on news segments, live sporting events or other entertainment.

Shout Metrics

Based on Shout, a social media editor that works with graphic systems to build online communities from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtoo and RSS feeds, Shout Metric normalizes Twitter data for visualization using ChryonHego’s Advanced Data Object. By pointing and clicking, users can link Twitter data to Lyric graphics to create graphs and charts without scripting. Users can also create customized manual campaigns using their own polling data to quickly visualize charts and graphs in real-time.

“With Shout Metrics, producers, reporters and other social media curators can normalize Twitter data to engage fans in real time or simply learn more about viewer demographics,” said Johan Apel, president and CEO of ChyronHego.

Shout Metrics is now available.