Chyron Partners With Madison Road Entertainment

Graphics software maker Chyron Corp. has partnered with Los Angeles-based Madison Road Entertainment to launch a new ad-supported mobile TV software suite and Web-based platform.

The companies said they partnered to meet the growing demand for multimedia platforms. The companies have agreed to develop and market a series of software application tools that connect advertisers with viewers through various devices and networking protocols including cell phones, out-of-home networks and the Internet.

"Chyron has been developing its capabilities in this area for several years now," said Chyron president and CEO, Michael Wellesley-Wesley. "Recognizing that the future requirements of advertisers will include a truly immersive experience that extends beyond TV--to include cell phones, OoH networks and the Internet--we identified Madison Road, its advertising, branding, entertainment programming expertise and connections as the perfect partner and choice to integrate Chyron into these new areas of content creation."

Chyron will offer the Web-based services solution to these emerging markets through its business unit, ChyTV.