Chyron debuts DynaCrawl

Chyron has introduced DynaCrawl, a switchable HD/SD graphics system with an independent data display channel that can provide viewers with a continuous stream of automatically updated news, sports, financial, or other information.

DynaCrawl HD/SD updates automatically by drawing data from text files that can be manually created, or continually updated from news, sports, weather and select financial services. The unit also features an interface to the Associated Press news service and a Web-scraping tool.

DynaCrawl HD/SD features dual, customized crawls/tickers plus time/temp/logo display. User-defined crawl/ticker parameters include graphics, colors, fonts, screen position, crawl rates, justification, scaling and animation-style flipbooks. Users can rotate elements in 3-D space.

The system also offers real-time, animated temperature and forecast and channel branding via saved crawl/ticker/time/temp configurations.

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