Chyron COO offers a new perspective on direction of broadcast graphics

The transition to digital and HDTV demands broadcasters re-evaluate their workflows to identify areas where they can improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

The reason is quite clear. While they are adding the expense of re-equipping their facilities, putting more channels on-air and offering content across numerous, nontraditional platforms, they are not reaching a larger number of viewers. In essence, multiple distribution platforms and channels are splintering their audience. To thrive in this fractionalized, highly competitive environment, broadcasters are bypassing traditional workflows, relying on IT technology and implementing Web-based solutions.

Broadcast graphics creation can benefit greatly from this new IT/Web-centric workflow. Not only can it dramatically reduce operating cost, but it also significantly reduces the time needed to build graphics for breaking news when compared to traditional methods that depend on complex broadcast equipment.

Using a PC or Mac, a freelance operator can browse graphics online for Web publishing, shifting the storytelling capabilities from traditional broadcast to new media in a fraction of the time. This new process reduces costs for broadcasters by centralizing graphics online, making available a library of graphics 24/7 for operators worldwide.

For the first time, broadcasters have access to a simplified workflow and centralized graphics production process. This raises an important question for broadcasters looking to implement efficient workflows: Is it necessary for 600 broadcasters to have 600 art departments to fulfil the graphics requirements for the same story, on every 6 o’clock news bulletin? I believe the answer clearly is no.

Broadcasters need local branding, access to a Web-based order management system and the ability to tap into a central resource where images are created in a virtual environment. This process opens up the artistic community to operators 24/7 worldwide, while reducing operational costs. As long as predesigned, sophisticated graphics templates are available, anyone in the world can fulfil those templates and new media simply becomes media.

Chyron’s AXIS is an example of this approach. After acquiring AXIS graphics in January, Chyron has integrated the features of the AXIS online portfolio, including AXISNews, FastMaps, FastQuotes, FastCharts and FastWX, with its own graphics portfolio.

By combining existing on-air and online graphics packages with up-to-the-minute and relevant content, AXIS gives anyone with an Internet connection the ability to build broadcast quality news graphics, charts, quotes, maps and weather instantly.

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