Chimeara Productions, CGLA deliver social media graphics for Republican National Convention

Chimeara Productions and CGLA, a Los Angeles-based equipment rental and social media specialist, provided the Republican National Convention with non-stop social media graphics and a real-time U.S. Debt Clock inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa, FL, with Ross Video’s XPression Real-Time Motion Graphics system.

The pair of companies used a dual-channel XPression with one channel displaying a crawl broken into eight layers on the screen that were then remapped into a single continuous crawl on the arena’s ribbon board. The second channel of XPression was used for two more crawls and to display a collage of 80 photos.

At any given time 66 data feeds were coming into XPression with avatar images via XPression’s Datalinq Server. A second XPression was used to display a U.S. Debt Clock graphic, also linked via an RSS feed from Datalinq.

“We were certainly pushing the envelope,” said Al Savoie of Chimeara Productions who was hired by CGLA to work the show, “but I knew it could be done.” 

In addition to live events, XPression is used by broadcasters and production professionals around the world for news, sports, branding, and virtual set/augmented reality applications. Powered by the latest gaming technology, XPression is known for its graphics horsepower and ease of operation.