Chief introduces ultra-thin, universal tilt wall mount

The latest addition to the Thinstall Series is Chief's LTTU Universal Tilt Wall Mount that collapses to only 0.75in deep

Chief Manufacturing, manufacture of projector, monitor and flat panel TV mounting solutions, has released the newest addition to its Thinstall Series, the LTTU Universal Tilt Wall Mount, which collapses to 0.75in (19 mm) to maintain the extreme low profile of ultra-thin flat-panel televisions while offering 12 degrees of smooth fingertip tilt and supporting up to 100lbs (45.4kg).

Chief developed the Thinstall Series specifically for ultra-thin televisions to create a seamless and clean installation while still providing essential end-user and installer-friendly features. The Thinstall LTTU consists of a one-piece bracket and two tilting interfaces that provide 12 degrees of tilt to achieve the ideal viewing angle. Each interface is equipped with a sliding flag to secure the interface to the wall bracket as well as a cable stand and bottom pullout for cable access. The mount remains consistently latched regardless of whether the screen is tilted or using the bottom pullout feature. The mount is compatible with 16in on-center stud systems. To create added space behind Chief's Thinstall mounts, an In-Wall Box Accessory can be added to the installation. The In-Wall Accessory simplifies plasma TV installation by providing an organized, recessed space for routing excess cables and attaching surge protectors/power conditioners. The LTTU fits hole patterns up to 800mm by 500mm. Chief also offers the MTTU Universal Tilt Wall Mount that fits hole patterns up to 600mm x 400mm. The new wall mounts should be used with screens 2in deep or less. The mounts will begin shipping December 2008. Chief also offers a Thinstall Universal Fixed Mount that is less than 0.4in deep.