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Cheetah Routers Find Beijing Home

Several major broadcast organizations will use QuStream Cheetah routers to handle HD and SD signals originating from the Summer Games in Beijing.

The European Broadcast Union will operate a pair of Cheetah routers, in SD and HD formats, on behalf of its member broadcasters. The EBU provides broadcast services and clean feeds for networks throughout Europe and worldwide.

KBS of South Korea will field a Cheetah SD-HDMR routing switcher. This system was sold through SeoKwang Tech, QuStream's distribution partner in Seoul.

From Spain, Telefónica and Televisió de Catalunya, based in Madrid and Barcelona respectively, will operate SD-HD Cheetah routers for their respective transmission facilities. These were engineered and sold through Eurocom Broadcast.

QuStream also provided a Cheetah 864XR Series for the central routing system of NBC.