Charlotte Hornets Get Assist from Ikegami HD Cameras

MAYWOOD, N.J.—The NBA’s Charlotte Hornets may have gone back in time when they switched from the Charlotte Bobcats back to its original mascot, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the franchise isn’t moving forward. When the Hornet’s home arena, the Time Warner Cable Arena, made the transition to HD it went with the Ikegami HDK-95C full digital portable CMOS camera systems.

The franchise went with four HDK-95C cameras to replace Ikegami’s HL-60W cameras, which had been used since 2005. All video from the cameras is distributed to the arena’s LED screens and in-house TVs. The cameras are used for the Hornet’s 41, or more, home games as well as additional events like NCAA basketball, monster truck events and circuses.

Part of Ikegami’s Unicam HD line, the HDK-95C comes with Native multi-format 2.5 million pixel, 2/3-inch CMOS sensors. There is also an upgrade path to 24p and 3G formats, including 1080/60p and 4:4:4 24p. Additional features include focus assist, OCP-300 operation control panels, and a 24-inch monitor.