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Channel Master Adds Live Internet Channels to DVR+

PHOENIX—Channel Master launched Channel Master TV, an online video platform that delivers live Internet streams directly into the program guide of the DVR+, a fee-free DVR that records over-the-air broadcast content and provides access to video and music streaming services.

A software update will roll out to DVR+ customers June 9 that allows them to sign up for the free Channel Master TV platform and add live Internet channels to their program guide. The platform brings Web video to the TV screen in a traditional TV viewing experience. Customers can select and change streams instantly, without the need to launch a separate application.

Channel Master will continually add Internet channels to the Channel Master TV platform, without the need for a software update. Customers will receive an email notification when a new channel is added, and also see the new channels in their program guide. The customer can configure their DVR+ to hide and un-hide channels at their leisure for a personalized experience.

Channel Master TV also provides opportunities for independent production companies and online broadcast startups. “In addition to mainstream content such as news channels, we’re also interested in unique programming,” said Coty Youtsey, president and CEO. “We can turn a live Web stream into a branded TV channel and put it in living rooms across North America, without the need to develop an app.”

The company will offer the DVR+ at $199 (normally $249) on Monday, June 9 only, from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. Pacific Time. The offer includes free shipping within the continental United States and a free HDMI cable.