CES2009: ATTC, ATSC, HD Makers to be Emmy Winners

The festivities in Las Vegas will come on the eve of CES 2009.

Some current and past industry groups and manufacturers that have championed the cause of DTV and HDTV over the past two decades will become Emmy winners on Jan. 7 when the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences bestows its annual Technology & Engineering Awards.

The festivities in Las Vegas will come on the eve of CES 2009.

According to NATAS, the winners will include:

* Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Service, Advanced Television Systems Committee, the Advanced Television Test Center and the Advanced Television Evaluation Laboratory—for their help in devising the standardization of the ATSC Digital System.

* Tandberg Television and DirecTV—for pioneering the development of MPEG 4 AVC systems for HDTV.

* Harris Corp., Micro Communications, and Radio Frequency Systems—for pioneering RF combiners for adjacent channels on common antenna systems.

* Metropolitan Opera—for live global HD cinema-casting.

* Silicon Image, Thomson, Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, Philips, Molex, Japan Aviation Electronics and Intel—for their work in developing HDMI.

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