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CES2008: Panasonic to Unveil 150-Inch Plasma HD

They keep getting larger each year at the Consumer Electronics Show and next month in Las Vegas Matsushita plans to display a Panasonic brand 150-inch plasma HD monitor at CES2008, thus surpassing its largest screen at last year’s show by nearly 50 inches.

As with the relatively smaller versions that came before, this latest working prototype will be billed as “the world’s largest TV” (at least for the moment), according to various Asian Web sites.

Last January, Matsushita unveiled a 103-inch plasma HD screen—which actually was the runner-up to Sharp’s prototype, a 108-inch LCD monitor.

One Japanese newspaper notes this week that a screen of 150 inches diagonally would be large enough to display most people scaled to their actual size (which may also make it ideal for HD-quality corporate video conference call services).

The set is estimated to be available in limited quantities in the first half of 2009. Suggested price points for the super-large Panasonic likely will not be released by Matsushita until the fourth quarter of 2008.