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CES2006: TI, Samsung to Launch DLP HD with LED

Texas Instruments said Samsung will ship the first commercially available HD sets with LED light engines in 2006, using TI's patented DLP (digital light processing) technology. TI said in a statement the highly efficient characteristics of LED technology, when used for DLP HD, can display a wider NTSC color array--approximately 130 percent.

LED coupled with DLP technology increases the color refresh rate to 48 times the standard TV frame rate, TI said. It's introducing two chipsets: the .45-inch 720p DLP chip; and the .65-inch 1080p DLP chip. Both chips are designed to extend DLP color processing from 3 colors up to 6, thus increasing the number of producible color shades to an estimated 200 trillion, and providing a brightness increase up to 50 percent, according to the companies.

According to the NPD Group, an analysis and research firm, DLP was the top microdisplay technology used by TV manufacturers globally for most of the 4Q '05. Samsung said it plans to begin shipment of the DLP LED units by this summer.