CES: Westinghouse to Debut 1080p Displays

While the technical obstacles to transmitting 1080p hi-def programming remain especially daunting, some companies are nonetheless forging ahead with introducing displays that can handle the ultra-hi-res material.

At CES this week, Westinghouse Digital will announce a line of 1080p LCD monitors in 37-, 42-, and 47-inch models with a starting MSRP of $2,499. The 37-inch LCD display is expected to be on the consumer market by the second quarter of this year with the remaining displays scheduled to ship in Q3 2005.

The 37-inch wide aspect LCD monitor features 1920x1080 progressive scan resolution, enhanced with Faroudja's DCDi and TrueLife video processing and features a 600:1 contrast ratio, 550 cd/m2 maximum brightness, 12 ms response time and a 16.7 million True Color display as well as a 176-degree viewing angle.

"Until now, the technology in these [1080p] models was available only for advanced commercial applications such as high-resolution medical imaging and studio monitors for high-definition video editing," said Douglas Woo, president of Westinghouse Digital. "Now ordinary consumers can choose from the first line of LCD displays for the mass market to offer a 'true' high-definition digital viewing experience."