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CES 2014: Day 1, Ripped From Headlines…

LAS VEGAS — Day No. 1 was chockfull of new gadgets, announcements, keynotes and people using the Wi-Fi.From a friend at the show: “CES is starting and wireless/cellular communications has slowed to 300 baud dial-up modem rates. Remember those days?” TV Technology’s Shameless Aggregation Division brings you the headlines from the first official day of the Consumer Electronics Show, otherwise known at International CES.

4K for everyone!

Sony 4K Consumer Cam Unveiled,” from News|Shooter
While the show is mainly aimed at the consumer market Sony has announced a few products that are look very appealing to news and documentary shooters.
See more at News|Shooter.

4KTV sets for everyone!

Sony Bows Nine New UHD Sets,” from B&C’s intrepid George Winslow.
Besides announcing nine new UHD sets, Sony executives also touted a variety of content alliances, ranging from new 4K movies and TV shows to upcoming live 4K production at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
See more atB&C.

OTT TV for everyone!

Sony Announces Internet TV Service,” from GigaOm
Not discouraged by Intel’s failure to launch its OnCue TV service, Sony just announced at CES that it wants to become a pay TV provider of is own and offer customers in the U.S. a cloud-based TV service with live TV and cloud DVR functionality.
See more at GigaOm.

A 3D printer for nearly everyone…

Here’s a $499 3D Printer,” from engadget.
After the deluge of announcements from MakerBot and 3D Systems over the past two days, it's likely going to be tough for any other 3D printing companies to cut through the noise.. though XYZprinting's got a $499 model.
See more at engadget.

Don’t drive? Not a problem…

Audi Shows Off a Compact Brain for Self-Driving Cars,” from MIT Technology Review.
Carmaker Audi showed off a book-sized circuit board capable of driving a car.
See more at MIT Technology Review.

The Body Oy-lectric...

Meet Edison, Intels’ Tiny Plan to Power the Next Generation of Wearables,” from ReadWrite
Check out Intel's latest entry in the micro-microcomputer sweepstakes—a full Linux computer called the Edison, which is no bigger than an SD card.
See more at ReadWrite.

Let there be optimism…

Forecast: CE Industry Revenues to Reach Record $208 Billion in 2014,” from us, as in TV Technology.
Revenues for the consumer electronics industry are projected to grow 2.4 percent in 2014, reaching a new record high of $208 billion, CEA said. See more at TV Technology.

And bragging…

CES Covers 35 Football Fields,” also from us.
The 2014 International CES open[ed] today as a record-breaking show with more than 3,200 exhibitors across the largest show floor in history – more than 2 million net square feet of exhibit space.” I.e., 35 football fields.
See more at TV Technology

Here’s what show organizers crowed about…

Smart earbuds that when paired with an app on your smartphone monitor pace, location and even heart rate, using sensors built into the earbuds themselves.

Jarvis,” a hands-free headset that interacts with a smartphone.
A new smart watch that unlike others in the category requires no tethering devices, has its own connectivity and includes smart geo fencing, to track a wearer’s location.

Audi’s self-driving Sport Quattro LaserlightV8 hybrid concept car, said to be able to 90 miles on a single gallon of gas

LG G Flex, a curved OLED display with the “world’s first curved battery” a (6-inch HD display; Lifeband Touch fitness activity monitor with OLED display and Bluetooth connectivity; LG Homechat with voice-messaging/texting option to appliances.

Monster’sDNA WirelessPro Headphones are wireless and noise cancelling with controls built in; and GODJ, a portable, standalone DJ device that fits in hand.

Sharp’sAquos HDTV lineup, including the new Aquos Q+ with 10 million more sub pixels, built in upscaling, audio and Bluetooth streaming (“first on market to play UHD content”); and Smart Central, an App that compiles all content into one search function.

HuaweiAscend Mate2 4G Smartphone, with a curved shape, 6.1 display, LTE Cat4 150 mbps, Bluetooth 4.0, Quad core 1.6 Ghz processor, multiscreen tech, 4050mAh battery, reverse charging to charge other devices, 5 MP front camera and panoramic selfie. @________@

Tarsier’sMoveEye, 3D glasses with stereo cameras that allow interaction with what’s on the screen, “direct interaction.”

Livio Radio’sSmartDeviceLink to standardize a way to bring apps into the dashboard of all vehicles.

Dish’sHopper lineup of whole-home DVR service, SuperJoey which when paired with the Hopper allows users to record up to eight shows at once and 2,000 hours of content; Wireless Joey streams content to any TV in the house.

VOXXMyris, iris-identifying authenticator for increased online security; 360Fly, a 360-degree self-contained waterproof mountable camera; and Soundboard power Plus, a 5200mAH charging power plus wireless audio capabilities.

Panasonic’sToughpad FZ-M1 7-inch rugged tablet; 4K Ultra HDTV the new “Life+Screen” AX800 series with voice activation and face recognition technology and advanced personalization; 4K Varicam, the first waterproof 4K professional camera; and the Toughpad 4K tablet with 20-inch LCD display—“the first to offer 4K resolution.”

Intel’sRealSense revolves around a thin, embedded 3D-sensing camera that can be embedded in desktops, laptops, tablets, etc. RealSense 3D cameras will scan objects for 3D printing.

TouchJet is a precise touch-enabled pico projector with a built-in Android OS that transforms any empty wall into an interactive 80-inch tablet.

HisenseVIDAA Android-powered smart TV platform is lets users seamlessly toggle between live TV, on demand entertainment, recorded programming, personal content, apps and more with a single touch of a button.

Formula E revealed and demoed first electric racing car; Qualcomm will begin to integrate Snapdragon into the cars adding WiFi and Bluetooth.

Samsung 105-inch curved UHD TV, the “world’s first and largest curved UHD,” according to the CEA, has 11 million pixels with auto depth enhancer giving a 3D effect without glasses; Bendable TV, an 85-inch push-button Ultra HD set that turns from flat panel to curved; and the new PRO tablet series, 12.2-inch with full size virtual keyboard.

North American debut of Toyota’s fuel cell sedan concept with 300 mile driving range, zero-to-sixty in 10 seconds, no emissions and hydrogen tank refueling in three to five minutes.
MakerBot’sReplicator 3D printer series including the Mini, Replicator and Z18 with 100 micron layer resolution, full color LCD displays, app and cloud enabling with onboard camera options for print monitoring and sharing.

SKULPT calculates body composition via electrodes sensing the difference between muscle and fat, provides exercise advice based on individual goals and progress.

Sony’s first in-home video download 4K service, from Sony Pictures Entertainment; 4K Handicam; Life Log smart wear experience; and Xperia Z1 compact smartphone with 20 megapixels.

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