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CEDIA: JVC Projector Featured in Sensio 3D Theater

JVC coupled up with Sensio, a 3D distribution technologies provider, to show its DLA-RS2 projector at CEDIA—while equipped with Sensio's new second-generation S3D-PRO HD stereoscopic video processor. The combined 3D hardware was demonstrating its capabilities at the JVC D-ILA Theater in the Denver Performing Arts Center.

The 3D scenario consisted of a pair of DLA-RS2 projectors with a native contrast of 30,000:1, equipped with Sensio S3D-PRO, showing scenes from the motion pictures "Beowulf" and the computer-animated "Polar Express." The 2G version of S3D-Pro provides 1080p stereoscopic video processing.

The 3D theater components will be geared mostly towards museums and amusement parks (as well as to really rich people).