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CEA Forms 4K Working Group

ARLINGTON, VA.: The Consumer Electronics Association has formed a 4K Working Group, a forum for manufacturers, retailers and content providers to define 4K technology, discuss 4K content options, and educate consumers about the next generation of high-definition television.

According to CEA’s Evolving Video Landscape study, at least half of future television purchases will be based on better picture quality and larger screen sizes. The research shows that 51 percent of those planning to purchase a TV in the next 12 months desire improved picture quality in a new display, and 50 percent want a larger screen size.

The CEA 4K Working Group, chaired by Gary Yacoubian, president and CEO of Specialty Technologies/SVSound, and past-chair of CEA’s Executive Board, will focus on the following:

- Establishing a definition of 4K, led by Frank De Martin, vice president of sales at Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, and chair of CEA’s Video Division;

- Fostering discussion among content providers, producers, distributors, retailers and manufacturers about 4K and the ways it may be offered to consumers, led by Bryan Burns, vice president, strategic business planning at ESPN, and chair of CEA’s Device, Applications and Content working group;

- Raising awareness and education of 4K among consumers, led by John Taylor, vice president of public affairs and communications, LG Electronics USA, Inc., chair of CEA’s Communications Committee, and past-chair of CEA’s Video Division.

The working group also will work closely with CEA’s video standards committees to improve delivery and presentation of 4K content. The first 4K working group meeting will take place as a teleconference on Wednesday, June 20, 2012, from 4 to 5 p.m. EDT. For more information or to join the 4K working group, contact Ellen Savage at or Kinsey Fabrizio at