CCTV to deliver HD airborne coverage of Olympics opening ceremony

CCTV, China’s national broadcaster, will rely on HD microwave transmitters and receivers from Nucomm for an ENG helicopter system to provide airborne coverage of the opening ceremony outdoor events during the Beijing Olympics this summer.

Nucomm will equip the helicopter with its CamPac 2 microwave transmitter — a small, lightweight HD/SD COFDM unit intended for wireless/moving camera applications — and Newscaster DR, a lightweight HD/SD COFDM microwave receiver for portable and mobile video applications. Troll Systems is providing a high-performance, two-axis steered antenna for the system.

Besides delivering overhead shots, the helicopter will serve as an airborne repeater for CCTV during the games. On the ground, two motorcycles will transmit video to the helicopter where it will be relayed back to a complementary Nucomm portable receiver terminal.

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