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CBS News Adds Avid Asset Management System

Avid has announced that CBS News is using the company’s Interplay Media Asset Manager module as part of its library asset management efforts. The new tool will allow the news operation to easily identify available tape and digital library assets for use in its broadcasts and/or to make them available for third-party use.

“CBS News is at the forefront of a rapidly-transforming media industry, and we’re thrilled to partner with them to create more open, agile and collaborative workflows that help to open up new revenue opportunities and reduce operating costs,” said Kirk Arnold, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Avid. “By leveraging Avid’s open architecture, CBS News will continue to have the flexibility they need to respond to constantly-evolving business requirements.”

The CBS News installation of Avid’s Interplay Media Asset Manager is tightly integrated with the Avid Interplay Production and Avid Unity ISIS systems that were already in place. The new module enhances collection, indexing, cataloging, manipulation, retrieval and distribution of rich media resources.