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CBS, Medio Systems enter search and navigation deal for CBS Mobile

CBS Mobile has teamed with Medio Systems to add search capabilities and search-enabled advertising opportunities to its CBS Mobile Web sites.

Medio Systems will provide CBS Mobile users with the ability to easily search and navigate content on CBS Sports Mobile, CBS Mobile News and CW Mobile Web sites. CBS will use the Medio Mobile Search solution for its Web sites, which is implemented through a search box. The search results pull relevant information from CBS' site content as well as from the entire mobile Web.

The partnership also expands the menu of advertising options CBS mobile offers its clients. Relevant ads will appear next to search results, and will be based on the user’s own search terms, making them highly targeted. Clicks-on ads surrounding CBS content will provide added revenue for CBS Mobile. In addition, content from CBS Mobile will be added to the Medio Mobile Web index, which includes content from all of Medio's partner sites.

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