CBS announces mobile online initiative

CBS last week launched three new Web sites catering to mobile phone users.

They include the CBS Mobile Store and two new advertising-supported mobile Web sites (also known as Wireless Application Protocol, or WAP sites) for sports and news.

The CBS Mobile Store ( is an online destination where consumers can download mobile content, including games, wallpapers and voice tones created specifically for the mobile phone, from CBS programming.

In addition, the CBS Mobile Store will offer live wallpapers, featuring scenes from CBS reality shows that can be downloaded in the form of still images within hours of broadcast, and daily mobile video alerts from David Letterman, called "Dave TV," featuring highlights from the previous night's show.

CBS Mobile Store content is available either for a one-time download charge or at a subscription rate. VeriSign provides the technology behind the CBS Mobile Store.

CBS SportsLine ( features real-time scores and the ability to control fantasy sports teams from mobile phones. CBS News ( offers mobile users direct access to full stories and images of near real-time breaking news events. Both WAP sites are ad supported on most carriers, with the content available for free to mobile users.