CBC Media posts HD spots with Quantel eQ FX

Islandia, NY-based CBC Media — an advertising, marketing, production, post production, Internet and networking company — has purchased a Quantel eQ FX system to post HD projects for corporate and retail clients like P. C. Richard & Son, Nike and Getty Images.

The fully loaded and format-independent eQ FX system comes with 160 minutes of HD workspace; built-in TimeMagic no-wait hardware; the QColor in-context color grading package of software and dedicated controls and a choice of comprehensive plug-in packages.

The company is using the system for finishing and effects (which sometimes consist of 30 to 50 layers) as well as its sole offline and graphics system. CBC Media senior editor Brad Wensley said his company turns out 100 HD spots a year for P. C. Richard & Son alone. All of P. C. Richard & Son commercials are shot on the Sony F-900 HD camera and ingested into the eQ FX, where the editing and compositing is completed in HD resolution.

For more information, visit www.quantel.com.