CBC equips 100 reporters with Dejero iOS App to gather live news

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) is expanding its newsgathering capabilities by deploying the Dejero LIVE+ Mobile App to 100 of its national and international field reporters.

The LIVE+ Mobile App integrates seamlessly with CBC’s current fleet of LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitters and LIVE+ Broadcast Servers that are being used for regional and national news coverage. 

CBC recently launched an initiative to increase media acquisition across all of its distribution platforms. As a result, CBC will be using the Dejero LIVE+ Mobile App installed on Apple iOS devices to generate live news content throughout the organization.

According to Dejero VP Paul Friedman, CBC is like a lot of broadcast news organizations that are looking for an affordable way to increase story acquisition from the field. “The LIVE+ Mobile App enables reporters to quickly and easily broadcast high-quality live video from an iPhone or iPad that previously would not have been possible,” he added.

The Dejero LIVE+ Mobile App gives broadcasters the ability to transmit high-quality live or recorded video from an iPhone or iPad. Using the same bonded transmission technology as Dejero’s the LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter, the LIVE+ Mobile App allows reporters to set up anywhere in seconds and transmit live from a consumer device.

The App aggregates bandwidth from both the Wi-Fi and cellular connections of the device, resulting in a higher quality live video transmission with lower latency than a single connection would provide. The LIVE+ Mobile App can transmit live or recorded video using both the front and back cameras of the device during a single broadcast.

(Editor’s Note: Dejero has made sample footage gathered with the Dejero LIVE+ Mobile App available on its website.)