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Casa Editorial El Tiempo enhances live news coverage with IP ENG system

Casa Editorial El Tiempo, one of the largest media groups in Latin America, has chosen LiveU's LU60 cellular-based video uplink to power its electronic newsgathering and create new live content for its City TV channel, Canal ET (Canal El Tiempo) news channel and El Tiempo newspaper.

CityTV, a local television station in Bogota, Colombia, will use the LU60 units for breaking news, entertainment variety shows and other live programming. Canal el Tiempo, a paid subscription cable channel, will use the LU60 for news in Bogota, and other cities in Colombia. El Tiempo, the local newspaper with the highest national circulation, will use LiveU units to stream live content on its Web portal.

"We bring about 16 hours of daily news and live programs to Colombia. As microwave links were expensive with limited mobility, we were not able to create new content in cities far from Bogota," said Walter Gomez Zuluaga, City TV VP engineering.

LiveU mobile uplink units are used for live video transmission throughout Central and South America, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. The LU60 uses a proprietary antenna array to provide stable, resilient feeds in remote areas. It provides HD live video quality with subsecond delay. LiveU's use of multiple SIMs also maximizes the performance of the local cellular networks.