Canon Unveils Automatic Tracking, Looping Applications For CR-N700 PTZ Camera

Canon CR-N700 camera
(Image credit: Canon)

MELVILLE, N.Y.—Canon has announced a firmware update for its pan-tilt-zoom (PTZX) remote cameras that will provide access to new paid video production features.

Called the Add-On Application System, the new offering’s first applications include auto tracking and auto loop functions for the company’s CR-N700 4K PTZ camera. 

The auto tracking application enables the CR-N700 to pan, tilt and zoom automatically as it tracks moving subjects. The auto loop application enables users to program and automate repeated camera movements, the company said.

The Add-on Application System can be added with a future firmware update. Canon plans to expand the number of applications it offers as well as the lineup of compatible remote camera models, it said.

As opposed to competitive offerings that require an external control device, the new paid add-on applications run directly from within the Canon PTZ camera, it said.

The auto tracking add-on reduces the workload of the camera operator, allowing users to focus on other tasks, such as switching and streaming. It also allows for multiple cameras on set to shoot with fewer people, it said.

Auto tracking is highly responsive, allowing for full-body, upper-body and head-and-torso tracking at both slow and normal walking speeds. Full-body and upper-body tracking are available for fast-walking subjects, it said.

The auto tracking application provides users with a wide range of adjustment functions, such as composition, tracking sensitivity, priority display area, fixed viewing angle area, tracking target auto select, pan/tilt halting area, initial position, auto select exclusion and pan/tilt operation control, it said.

Automating camera movements with the auto-loop add-on can reduce the burden on operators as well. It gives operators the ability to choose between two repeated movements, loop or back-and-forth, based on specific needs. It also supports the ability to adjust acceleration and deceleration when beginning and ending movements, Canon said. 

The firmware update adding the Add-On Applications System is scheduled for March. The first two applications will be available in April. Auto Tracking is priced at $1,200. Auto Loop costs $800.

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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