Canon supplies lenses to HD studio

Canon supplies HD lenses to The Production Group Studios

The Production Group Studios is advancing HD with several new Canon lenses.

The full-service video production company has just purchased Canon's HJ21x7.8B and HJ11x4.7B lenses for its facility.

The HJ11X4.7B uses Canon’s HDxs technology for high specifications. The Canon HJ21x7.8B includes a new range of telephoto options for shooters. It also employs the HDxs system. Both lenses use Canon’s Digital Drive, which uses ergonomics and faster digital controls to give operators a highly useful group of functions.

The Canon glass is another part of the comprehensive HD upgrade, recently completed at The Production Group and its sister company, The Post Group.

With its latest update, The Production Group Studios has made 24P and virtual sets accessible to all clients.

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