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Canadian Broadcasting Corp. selects Avid for major digital newsroom installation

Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC/Radio-Canada) will install Avid Technology's end-to-end digital newsroom environments at three of its 23 television stations.

CBC/Radio-Canada will improve its production workflow with Avid's AirSpeed system. The system interface with third-party products and share in collaborative environments of any size.

Initially, Avid systems will be installed over the next several months at CBC/Radio-Canada's television facilities in Ottawa, Edmonton and Quebec City. Following these first three implementations, CBC/Radio-Canada plans to convert its largest facility, the Toronto Broadcast Centre, from a tape-based production pipeline to an all-digital end-to-end Avid news production environment.

In this first phase, CBC/Radio-Canada will purchase a comprehensive mix of Avid solutions, including three Avid Unity for News systems with Avid Unity MediaManager, Avid Unity TransferManager and Avid Nearchive; 27 Avid NewsCutter Adrenaline systems; 150 additional licenses of Avid iNEWS newsroom computer systems, and 61 Avid AirSpeed systems, the company’s new video ingest and broadcast playback server.

The AirSpeed system can interface with third-party products to facilitate media storage, management, and sharing in collaborative environments of any size, which will allow CBC/Radio-Canada to improve its production workflow.

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