Canada: 'Ice Planet' in HD Coming as TV Series, Video Game

Canada's SpaceWorks Entertainment and Germany's Circles & Lines will soon begin principal photography in Toronto on "Ice Planet," a new sci-fi HD television series and video game venture. Both companies are working with Fast Motion Studios of Toronto and CGI studio Optix Digital Pictures to create a live-action, motion-capture/CGI creative partnership.

Production will begin next month on SpaceWorks's 63,000 square-foot studio in Scarborough, Ontario, according to published reports. The new studio will be used for most scenes being shot for the series, along with some footage for designers of the franchise's themed video game.

While motion-capture technology is often married with CGI platforms for feature films, the producers said this venture would be a "first" for live action television (where human actors are used). The 22-episode series will begin production on Nov. 17.