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Canada: HD Movies Available From iTunes

In the world of Apple, screen size is apparently in the eye (and sometimes the hand) of the beholder, where movies and TV series are offered for a price to users of everything from tiny iPhones to large iMac computer monitors (i.e., 24 inches) to living room HD sets via Apple TV devices.

Now HD content has crossed the border and is available online at the Canadian iTunes Store for rental (up to 48 hours, in some cases) or purchase.

HD content (mostly movies) already has been available to Canadian viewers from Apple for rent or purchase, but only via the Apple TV box that streams downloaded content directly to the home DTV set.

Expansion of HD content to the virtual iTunes Store online opens the way for more Canadian viewer options—notably laptop and desktop computers. And for Apple’s famously tiny other screens, the house that Steve Jobs built will throw in an SD version of the applicable title (when an HD movie is purchased for the larger screen) that would be playable on the iPod, iTouch and iPhone 3G S.