Canada: Bell Launches ‘Advanced HD PVR/Receiver’

Bell Canada has deployed what it’s marketing as an “advanced HD satellite receiver” for subscribers to its ExpressVu DBS service. The former telco-only firm said its 9242 HD PVR Plus can record up to 30 hours of HD content (or up to 200 hours of SD).

The PVR also enables users to view-and-record two different channels programs within the same dwelling, and includes a feature that allows pausing a live show on one TV set with the option of resuming viewing on another set. Recording can be assigned on a name basis, which Bell Canada says usually prevents missing desired content due to unforeseen sports-delayed or other scheduling changes.

Canada Bell is charging a $20 monthly rental fee for the new PVR, which can also be purchased outright at various Canadian retailers for about $650 (U.S.) or $600 (Canadian).