Cablevision's VOOM to buy set-top box software from NDS

VOOM offers up to 39 premium high-definition channels to consumers across the continental United States, including 21 brand-new, exclusive, and commercial-free HD channels delivering hundreds of hours of movies, sports and music.

Cablevision Systems has entered into a deal with News Corp.-owned NDS Group to license conditional access (CA) software for set-top boxes for VOOM, its HDTV satellite service.

NDS, which already services News Corp.’s global satellite TV, including BSkyB and Sky Italia, will supply Voom with software for CA, digital video recorders and a program guide. Motorola will manufacture the set-top box hardware.

VOOM, a service of Cablevision subsidiary Rainbow DBS, is set to be spun off from the company pending the completion of a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission probe into expense accounting at Rainbow Media.

As more sophisticated digital television services emerge, the market for the software, security and set-top boxes to deliver the programming and advanced functionality is expanding. NDS, based in the UK, is now targeting the U.S. cable and satellite TV market as operators move to all-digital and HDTV networks.

Launched in December, VOOM offers 39 high-definition channels, including 21 created specifically for VOOM by Rainbow Media, including WorldSport HD, Epics HD and Animania HD.

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