BTi Signs Three-Year Contract With Belo

Belo Corp. has signed a three-year contract with BTi Attendant Solutions for managing graphics.

BTi Attendant Solutions automatically collect, manage and deliver real-time data to air from virtually any data source. It expands the capability of graphics hardware by turning a constant stream of raw data into formatted data that it is ready for instant playout to air.

The company said Belo is looking to standardize its graphics look so it is consistent and competitive across all of its markets. The product will automate data collection and on air delivery of informative broadcast graphics at all 19 of Belo's television stations throughout the U.S.

"Graphics are a critical element in delivering the complete package of branding, news and entertainment program that defines Belo stations to our audiences and our advertising customers," said Reed Wilson, technology manager of broadcast media at Belo. "We have already had good success using BTi Attendant Solutions at some of our stations; deploying it group-wide will enable us to best manage the look of our information graphics and ensure that our high standards are continuously met by all of our stations."

BTi is a provider of automated broadcast graphics applications based in Franklin, Tenn.