BSKyB Launches 3D Pub Finder

LONDON: U.K. satellite TV provider Sky has launched a 3D pub finder in anticipation of Saturday’s launch of 3DTV service in more than 1,000 such venues. The kick-off coincides with the contest between Manchester United and Chelsea.

BSkyB’s been testing 3DTV over its HD infrastructure for a year now. It originally intended to go live with the service last year, but there were no receivers in the market. It has since eased 3DTV into pubs--a logical strategy given the social nature of the soccer across the United Kingdom and Ireland, where the service is being picked up. BSkyB did a limited nine-pub debut in January with a match between Manchester United and Arsenal.

The 3D pub finder is postal code search-based. Sky said venues are being added “on a daily basis.” Three are listed near Parliament; three in Greater Manchester.

The folks at said, “We tried it from our Bedfordshire satellite office and found three results within eight miles. One of which was a bowling alley which won’t let you through the door unless you pay for a lane, and the other two were quite possibly the area’s roughest dives.”

It is football, after all. The 3D pub finder is at

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