Travel Show Takes Off with Miranda Gear

Content branding producer, enteraction tv, is using the Miranda master control and channel branding system to create graphics for Thomas Cook TV, a satellite-TV based vacation shopping channel for the U.K-based travel company.

With the Miranda Imagestore 2 SDI master control and channel branding processor and Intuition HD/SD branding graphics, the company can generate dynamic graphics, with many different object layers, and "live" pop-up boxes to be put on the air immediately. Highlights of the Imagestore include video and multi-group audio mixing, an agile DVE, and a multi-level, automated character generator.

"Getting current information to customers as quickly as possible is critical within the travel industry, and this is doubly true in the broadcast environment," said Alan Moore, director of operations of enteraction tv.

Thomas Cook TV can be seen on both film and arts network Bravo and Bravo +1 channels.