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Broadcast Technology MPEG-2 decoders chosen

Broadcast Technology has supplied 43 DTVD-3020 MPEG-2 modular decoders to BBC Technology for use in the company's monitoring facilities at Television Centre, London. The decoders are being used to monitor outgoing ASI transport streams for programs distributed by an organization offering video over IP via ADSL in the UK.

The DTVD-3020 decoders have been deployed to convert MPEG-2 services (MPTS) into SDI signal format. The SDI feeds are displayed via a number of multiviewers for simultaneous display on 42-inch plasma screens with burnt-in audio bar graphs. The complete system is monitored by BBC Technology's Colledia Control software, enabling staff in the company's Digital Operations Centre (DOC) to monitor the outgoing ASI streams. Leeds-based AVC Electronics was contracted to install the incoming lines and monitoring systems.

DTVD-3020 combines SDI embedded audio and vertical-blanking-interval signal processing for wide screen signals, teletext and subtitling in a very compact size. Modules in the 3000 series can be housed in 3U frames that can be populated with 14 decoders or a mix of other Broadcast Technology products such as satellite and terrestrial receivers, conditional-access descramblers, ASI distribution amplifiers and monitoring switchers.

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