Broadcast Pix Headquarters Relocated To Chelmsford

CHELMSFORD, MASS.–Broadcast Pix has relocated their main offices to Chelmsford, Mass. The control and automation designer cited the move as a response to the growing interest in their product lines BPNet, a cloud-based media management service and BPCommand, a live production control interface.

“As we continue to roll out our new BPNet cloud-based IP workflow management system, demand is only going to increase. Moving to a new and more modern facility helps us continue to grow with our customers,” said Kevin Prince, CEO of Broadcast Pix, in a statement.

Broadcast Pix’s new main offices will have a demo facility so the company can give live, online demos of its products to their dealers and any prospective customers.

The new address is: 27 Industrial Ave., Unit 5, Chelmsford, Mass., 01824. Broadcast Pix’s phone and fax numbers remain the same.