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NTT Develops Server for Multiple Uncompressed HD Streams

NTT will soon offer a PC cluster-based, video stream server that can simultaneously handle up to 10 uncompressed HD video streams in real-time using an IP network. NTT (Nippon) has developed a new PC clustering process that integrates multiple general-purpose PCs into a video stream server using a commercially available, low-delay interconnection network, according to the company.

Based on NTT's PC clustering--where multiple computers work together as a single system--the i-Visto eXmedia server can handle up to 10 uncompressed HD video streams using IP, for a combined throughput of 15 GB. This processing capability will support up to 10 users who can simultaneously retrieve or store uncompressed HD video material, or can concurrently process up to a hundred HD packets.

The ability to handle uncompressed video eliminates the need for additional hardware to compress and decompress data, and also eliminates the degradation caused by repeated compression and decompression. Product availability is scheduled for late this year.