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KQED in Sony HD Production Pilot

KQED Public Broadcasting has purchased HD production gear under the PBS/Sony High-Definition Production Pilot, a cooperative effort to cultivate HD television production by public TV stations.

The pilot project enables a cross-section of public TV stations to acquire Sony HD production equipment, with support from Sony, to ease the incorporation of HD gear into the stations' production workflow. The pilot stations will share what they learn with the public TV system and serve as model stations for other PBS stations that might consider upgrading to a high-definition production.

The San Francisco broadcaster will replace its SDTV production gear with Sony HD cameras, switchers and video recording equipment. The order includes six Sony cameras, including three HDC-1000 and three HDC-1500 models and also the Sony MVS-8000A HD production switcher, according to Steve Welch, executive director of TV engineering and operations at KQED