Brick House Video intros HD switchers and standards converters

At NAB2006, Brick House Video will display an expanded product line that now includes new HD switchers, format converters and a standards converter.

The Proteus standards converter includes an optional Aspect Ratio Conversion function. It also addresses lip sync errors with an integrated audio delay and synchronization (up to several seconds) in a highly compact unit.

In addition to Proteus, Brick House Video will offer options that will widen the appeal of its Callisto range of hybrid SDI/composite switchers to applications where simple push button control or automation is needed such as master control, back-up units or in SNG trucks.

The first option, a new audio module, will provide silent audio switching with cross fade options. The second option, the Callisto-F, will incorporate push button controls on the front panel (as well as the industry standard control interface) to allow direct operation without the need for a remote control panel. The Callisto family carries all the necessary facilities for effective field and in-house vision mixing and is 525/625 compatible.

NAB will also see the introduction of new HD versions of its Callisto switcher and Proteus standards converter.

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