Brazil’s D2 Video Produções commits to Grass Valley HD gear

Grass Valley has sold a full complement of new HD production equipment to D2 Video Produções, a major live production company specializing in sports that’s located in São Paulo, Brazil.

The company is building a new HD OB van and updating its HD studio production infrastructure with new Grass Valley LDK3300 HD cameras, 3x slow-motion cameras, slow-motion replay systems, video routers, audio routers and HD video production switchers. The order also includes a comprehensive three-year service contract that will provide D2 Video with warranty extension for all Grass Valley products.

Grass Valley said new OB production vehicle will allow D2 to meet the growing need for high-quality sports and content production in the Brazilian market. The new truck will feature 12 LDK 8000 Elite HD multiformat WorldCam cameras with triax adapters, an LDK 8300 live super-slow-motion camera system, a Kayak digital production switcher, three K2 Dyno and K2 Summit slow-motion replay systems, and a Concerto Series HD video router (96 x 96 I/O matrix).

A long-time Grass Valley customer, D2 Video Produções currently uses an SD OB van with 10 Grass Valley LDK 400 cameras, a Kayak DD2 switcher, Concerto Series SD router (64 x 64) with Jupiter control system and numerous signal conversion modules. The company also operates a satellite uplink OB van with several Grass Valley ViBE encoders.