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Brazilian network sets up digital workflow to support new 24/7 news channel

Rede Record, one of the largest TV networks in Brazil, is launching a 24/7 news channel this month based on an extensive Grass Valley digital news production system from Thomson.

Rede Record’s open storage area network (SAN) to be implemented in São Paulo includes numerous seats of Grass Valley Aurora edit, ingest, browse and playout software in addition to a Grass Valley K2 media server and media client system with the capacity for 20 input and 12 output channels.

The equipment will support SD production initially; however, the network plans to use the system to produce its content in HD by the end of the year to coincide with Brazil’s first HD broadcasts. The Grass Valley digital news production system is fully upgradeable and multiformat compatible.

The digital production system consists of a shared storage — completely tapeless — environment, which will let Rede Record’s multiple editors simultaneously access 850 hours of SD media clips. The system was successfully used during the network’s live coverage of the Pan American Games from Rio de Janeiro, and has been shipped back to São Paulo for the launch of the new news channel.

The digital news production system will be implemented with a media management and archiving system from Front Porch Digital.

With the installation, Rede Record not only is in a position to produce daily news to meet existing needs, but also is prepared for HD and the ability to integrate news production among all of its stations.

Rede Record plans to install similar Grass Valley digital news production systems at all of its TV stations throughout the country, giving each the ability to exchange files among stations for quick access to news content.